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EDOCSI, electronic documenting service and IT, concerns with documenting of paper documents making them available to be verified by any third party online through EDOCSI website. The service is not just an electronic scanning of documents, nor just an online verification. Our service is extended to support, certify, and reassess institutes that are paper source.

The first section in EDOCSI is to verify certificates of training courses for training and consulting centers. EDOCSI at first verifies and certifies the training center itself regarding to quality standards and identical information assurance. Support is extended to free systematic visits by our experts in training field to accredited institutes with schedule to handle quality assurance system provided by EDOCSI.

The second section in EDOCSI (coming soon) is to verify paper documents in general such as contracts, property papers, and authorizations. The process of certifying each single document is associated with verifying parties, owners, or stakeholders of document through process of official documenting.

EDOCSI | Electronic Documenting Service and IT

We make the process and put the standards for which a documented paper or certificate should look like, considering principle of transparency.

Feel free to give us feedback, make an inquiry, give an advice, or ask a question. Make sure that we love to hear from you.

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