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– Certifying of institutes is not the process of initial audit and leaving of. Certification process is parallel with support and initial payment is fully refunded from future documenting fees.

– Documenting fees for students are directly proportional to training hours of course or diploma (with a range of 0.2 to 0.35 $ per training hour).

– According to systematic inspection, if QAs of EDOCSI discover a documented certificate that is not identical, the verification is cancelled with no refund from EDOCSI.

– If for some reason an institute stops or is stopped, EDOCSI never erase its certificates data.

– Documenting training courses certificates requires full details including course content and type of certificate and notation for passed exams. Summarized data is refused.

– EDOCSI is not responsible for any certificate or document with no ID or with fake ID.

– Quality standards required for certification of institutes are those that are appropriate for private training, diplomas, training courses, and online courses with measured tasks.

– EDOCSI deals with accredited institutes as partners of success and pays them a percentage of marketing fees that focus on certification.

– Institutes are not allowed to certify training processes for other parties except what they supervise or participate in.

– EDOCSI makes a certificate design and layout for each accredited institute, with respect and appreciation of the bodies to be submitted to them.

– In certificates production, EDOCSI don’t deal with students at all. Every single step is handled directly with employee assigned by the Authority.

– Certified centers should announce that EDOCSI’s documenting is available for their students. EDOCSI don’t offer a certificate of accreditation. Instead of this, EDOCSI grant acknowledgement certificate after commitment of quality assurance standards agreed upon.

– EDOCSI has the right to add points to this policy with announcement to accredited centers.

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